Teaching with Google Arts & Culture

Enhancing curriculum and student engagement

Google Arts & Culture is a treasure trove of resources – virtual tours of concert halls, interactive exhibits on music history, engaging lesson plans, and more. Music teachers can use Google Arts & Culture to transform the music curriculum into an immersive and inspiring journey for your students.

Finding Resources for the Music Classroom:

When looking for resources to use in the music classroom, start by just exploring the site to see what’s available. Then, you might want to search for specific resources related to a genre, composer, country, or time period you are studying in class.

Fun Experiments

  • Seeing Music – experience music visually
  • Chrome Music Lab – create music using a variety of tools
  • Semi-Conductor – conduct an orchestra by moving your arms
  • Paint With Music – turn your paintbrush into a musical instrument
  • Blob Opera – create an opera song
  • Play a Kandinsky – find out what it would be like if you could hear color
  • FreddieMeter – challenge yourself to see how closely your singing matches that of Freddie Mercury (maybe not for students, but definitely fun!)

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