Pass the Baton:

Empowering All Music Students

Transform your students from passive consumers to vibrant creatives!

All too often, the music classroom stifles students with one-size-fits-all curricula and repertoire. In Pass the Baton, authors Kathryn Finch and Theresa Hoover turn that paradigm on its head, offering a vision of music education that empowers students as critical thinkers who exercise voice and choice to question, discover, connect, and play like never before—in and out of the classroom.

Pass the Baton offers readers a comprehensive guide to crafting engaging music lessons that transform students from passive consumers to vibrant creatives. Whether you’re looking to rethink general music or overhaul your ensemble groups, Pass the Baton is chock-full of generative, actionable, and impactful tools. Finch and Hoover have drawn on deep research and years of experience in the music room to provide a guide for all music educators to create a learner-centered environment and give students the opportunity to truly own the creative process.

Episode 39: Student-Created Games for Student-Centered Learning
Empowered Music Students

Episode 39: Student-Created Games for Student-Centered Learning

In Episode 39, Kathryn and Theresa talked to Dr. Tina Huynh, an assistant professor of music education at the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington. Currently, Tina teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in music education. Previously, Tina taught elementary general music in Southern California. In this interview, Tina shares how she used student-created games…

Episode 38 - Dr. Tom FitzStephens
Empowered Music Students

Episode 38: Amateurism in Music Education

In episode 38, Kathryn and Theresa talked to Dr. Tom FitzStephens, a high school music teacher in Atlanta, Georgia. Tom’s teaching assignment includes chorus, AP music theory, and guitar classes. He has a master’s degree in choral conducting and a PhD in music education. Tom considered himself a relatively traditional choral teacher until he started…

Episode 37 - Roger Coss
Creativity | Empowered Music Students

Episode 37: Creative Thinking in Music

In episode 37, Kathryn and Theresa talked to Roger Coss, a music educator in California. After getting his bachelors and masters degrees in jazz studies, Roger was teaching second grade at a charter school in San Jose, California while working on a doctoral degree. It was then he discovered how much he enjoyed teaching and…



With over 40 years of combined experience in the music classroom, Kathryn and Theresa share their passion for music education and student empowerment in ways that will inspire meaningful change in the profession.

“When you empower students, the focus shifts. Students become the driving force, making the learning more personal, meaningful, and powerful.”