Pass the Baton

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At a glance, you might think that all music rooms look the same: students singing, dancing or playing instruments. In some music rooms, though, you will find things running differently. Instead of traditional, teacher-led instruction, you may see students choosing repertoire they want to learn, leading the class in a warm-up activity, or creating their own original movement in small groups. Instead of merely playing or singing as instructed like many classrooms have operated in the past, the students are creating and owning the process of making music. 

In Pass the Baton, Theresa Hoover Ducassoux and Kathryn Finch discuss how they changed their mindsets and instructional styles in both general music and ensemble settings to empower their students. When you pass the baton to the students, the classroom focus shifts away from the teacher. The students are given a voice and a choice; they create rather than just consume; they ask questions with the opportunity to discover the answers. They are connected with their classmates, professionals, and community. But most importantly, the music-making process is their own.

This book will address the power of passing the baton and practical ways a music educator can make this happen in a K-12 classroom. When you Pass the Baton, everyone wins!

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