Music teachers deserve professional development that is meaningful and relevant

Kathryn and Theresa can help.

Professional Development, Customized for Your Music Teachers

Professional development

Music teachers have unique professional learning needs

Music teachers require professional learning that balances developing artistic skills and pedagogical expertise. They need to stay current with musical trends and performance techniques while also mastering engaging and effective methods to teach diverse students in a variety of classroom settings.

Workshops focus on a student-centered approach to music education

Student-centered learning in music education empowers students to take ownership of their musical journey, fostering deeper engagement, creativity, and a lifelong love of music by placing their interests and experiences at the heart of the learning process.

Participants will leave with actionable strategies they can implement immediately

Participants in these impactful workshops won’t walk away empty-handed. They’ll be equipped with concrete tools and techniques readily applicable in their classrooms the next day, igniting immediate improvements in their teaching practice and increased musical engagement for their students.

Professional learning online

Online or in-person, workshops prioritize active engagement

Sessions incorporate interactive elements like collaborative activities, hands-on workshops, and opportunities for peer feedback and discussion. This fosters a dynamic learning environment where teachers can share ideas, apply new knowledge, and build their confidence in implementing them in their classrooms.

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Previous Engagements

  • 2023, Schaumberg School District (Illinois)
  • 2022, Educational Services Unit 10 (Nebraska)
  • 2022, Portland State University (Oregon)
  • 2021, Mesa Public Schools (Arizona)
  • 2023, Elementary Music Summit
  • 2022, World Education Summit
  • 2021, International Music Education Summit
  • 2020, International Music Education Summit
  • 2024, VanderCook College of Music
Kathryn & Theresa

“Pass The Baton provided a great perspective on creating a culture of student empowerment in music classrooms. There were many helpful resources, tips, examples, and conversations throughout the session. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in helping students take ownership of their musicianship and education.”

“Working with Theresa and Kathryn was extremely worthwhile and helped our teachers plan to move beyond engagement to empowerment of students.”

What a rewarding experience! I definitely learned so much more than I thought I would.