Looking to Pass the Baton and empower your music students? Here are some resources to get you started!

Transform a teacher-led rhythm assessment into a student-created activity book using this Rhythm Activity e-Book template.

Rhythm Activity e-Book Template

Learn more about this project here: Transform a Composition Project from Teacher-Led to Student-Led

Get students creating with this fun Makerspace activity! Challenge students to use what they know about musical instruments and sound to create their own instrument using household materials.

Makerspace Challenge

Give students choice when learning new content by having them “order” tasks from a menu! This Dynamics Menu template allows students to choose how they interact with content, demonstrate mastery, and extend their learning.

Dynamics Menu Template

Empower the students in your ensembles with a student-led score study experience! Students can dive deep into their own parts or the conductor’s score to learn more about the music. Give students this ownership when learning a new piece of music.

Student-Let Score Study template (Google Doc)

Student-Led Score Study template (Google Slides)

Learn more about this project here: Increase Ownership Through Score Study

Adding student jobs is an easy way for them to take ownership in any music classroom! Use this template to create and print job “badges” for students to wear on a lanyard in class. The extra step of printing badges helps students have even more pride and ownership of these important rolls!

Job Badge Template

Empower your students to create an Informance for an authentic audience. Add additional slides and personalize the presentation with music and images from your classroom.

Informance Template