When students reflect on their work, they begin to take ownership of their learning. Students articulate their strengths and opportunities for growth, and then decide their next steps for learning. An exit ticket is a great tool for starting the reflection process while offering us valuable information as well. When students identify their strengths, we can praise them and celebrate their progress. When students share their struggles, we can scaffold the learning to create successful outcomes. With the use of exit tickets, we learn how to better our instruction so students can take the lead. It’s a win-win situation!

Exit ticket for self-reflection

How to Use This Exit Ticket for Self-Reflection

After a few weeks of playing a new instrument or learning a new skill, try using this exit ticket with one class or grade level. At the end of a lesson, give your students the exit ticket and 5 minutes to reflect. You might be surprised how much you learn! Make sure to incorporate some of their comments and next steps in future lessons so students know they were heard.

Use the printable Exit Ticket to distribute in class, in one of three sizes: full page, half page, or quarter page. The Google Form and Google Slides Exit Ticket can be assigned to students through Google Classroom, Seesaw, or your favorite LMS.

Ready to try it? Get the Exit Ticket: Self-Reflection here:

Exit Ticket: Self-Reflection – Google Slides

Exit Ticket: Self-Reflection – Printable

Exit Ticket: Self-Reflection – Google Form

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