Rhythm Activity e-Book

Transform a teacher-led rhythm assessment into a student-centered activity book using this Rhythm Activity e-Book template. Give students a stronger purpose and larger audience! 

How to use the Rhythm Activity e-Book

The purpose of an assessment is for students to demonstrate their understanding and mastery of a skill or technique. In this assessment, students will demonstrate their ability to create rhythm compositions within the parameters you provide. To make it even more fun, students will work in groups to create activities or games surrounding their compositions for other students to enjoy! Creating a Rhythm Activity e-Book transforms a traditional assessment into an engaging, creative, musical experience!

In the Rhythm Activity e-Book, you’ll find teacher instructions, a printable student worksheet, and a template to create the final product.

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Suggestions for Music Class

Start the project early and work on it occasionally for a 3-5 month period. This gives time away from the project for fresh eyes and time to revise work. 

Allow students to share their activity with another group. What went well? Was anything too confusing or too difficult? Take time to revise the work.

Connect with a teacher or students from another school. 

  1. Ask those students what kind of activities or instruments they like to work with. 
  2. Ask the teacher to make a video to send to your students specifying the guidelines for the project that aligns with your rubric.  
  3. Send your e-book (a PDF of the Google Slides) for them to try. 
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