Planning templates are great for preparing your weekly lessons and keeping organized. Use the templates here to plan your lessons and look for places to pass the baton and begin empowering your students!

Weekly Lesson Planner

This template is a great organizer to jot down key activities and learning objectives for a grade level lesson plan. It is structured by day, reminding you what materials and activities are needed each morning.

You can print the template to use in a binder, or keep it digital, making it easy to organize, save, and file for future use. 

Ready to try it? Click on the link below to make a copy of the template and get started.

Making the Shift to Student Empowerment

After you plan your week, take a moment to think about what you have planned. Are there places the learner can have more ownership? Build off a lesson you have already constructed. Where is there an opportunity for a small shift? Use this reflection sheet to explore and innovate in your music classroom. 

Are you ready to stretch your thinking? Clink on the link below to make a copy of the template and begin passing the baton!

Ready to try it? Get the Empowering Music Students Lesson Planners here:

Shift Your Instruction To Empower Your Students – Template

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