Assigning jobs to students is an easy way for them to take ownership in any music classroom! When students are given a job to do, they feel like valuable members of the class. They take pride in doing their jobs well, and will work hard to be successful.

Student Jobs

A few tips for using the Student Jobs: Badge Template

  • Modify the existing jobs and add your own to fit the needs of your classroom.
  • Print the job badges, cut them out, and fold so the job title shows on one side, and the job description on the other.
  • Consider placing the badges in plastic ID card holders – you can find them at most office supply stores or on Amazon.
  • Attach the ID card holders to lanyards for students to wear in class. The free lanyards you get at conferences and trade shows work great for this!

Taking the extra step to print the badges and mount them on lanyards shows students how important they are to you. As a result, the students will have even more pride and ownership of these roles.

Ready to try it? Get the Student Jobs: Badge Template here:

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