A great way to give students ownership when preparing for a concert is to have them write the song introductions! Students can research the piece and add their own thoughts to share with the audience. Use this template to guide your students in creating their introductions.

Concert Song Introductions: Write a script to introduce one of our concert songs to the audience. Answer at least 3 of the questions listed below.

Ideas for Use

  • Students can work in small groups or with partners to create their song introductions.
  • Have each student write an introduction for their favorite song. Post all introductions somewhere the entire class can see them – either on a Google Doc, Padlet, or print and hang up! Students can vote on their favorite introduction for each song. Nominate students to read the winning introductions at the concert.
  • Students can use their scripts to create Flipgrid videos. Share the Flipgrid videos with audience members prior to the concert.

Ready to try it? Get the Concert Song Introductions: Script Template here!

Concert Song Introductions: Script Template – Printable

Concert Song Introductions: Script Template – Google Doc