Many music teachers have created social media accounts for the classrooms, using Twitter, Instagram, TicTok, and more. These accounts are a great way to share what happens in the classroom with families, the school, and the community. Teachers looking to empower their students can take this one step further by allowing students to create the content shared.

Social media form

Using a Google Form, students can submit text, images, and video to the teacher. The teacher simply copies what they submitted into their desired social media platform! Teachers don’t have to worry about coming up with content to post, and students will enjoy sharing their voices in this way. Be sure to have a conversation with students first, discussing your audience, the type of content you are looking for, and the importance of being a good digital citizen.

Ready to try it? Click on the link below to make a copy of the form and get started!

How to use the Social Media Sharing Form:

  • Click on the Social Media Sharing Form. You will be prompted to make a copy.
  • Edit the form to meet your needs. Look closely at the “File Upload” section where students will add images and videos. Here you can specify acceptable file types, file sizes, and the number of files that can be uploaded.
  • Use the “Send” button to share the form with students. We usually create a QR code from the URL, so students simply scan the QR code to access the form and submit their content.
  • From the “Responses” tab, create a Google Sheet to collect all submissions. Google will automatically create a new folder to collect all uploaded files.

Ready to try it? Get the Social Media Sharing Form here:

Social Media Sharing Form – Google Form

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