Assessment for Learning: Nurturing Growth and Progress in Every Student

In episode 55, Kathryn and Theresa sit down with Terry Little, a veteran music educator with over three decades of experience. Terry delves deep into the concept of “assessment for learning,” emphasizing its role in making the educational process more student-centered. Instead of traditional grading methods, this approach involves students actively in their assessment, allowing them to produce tangible evidence of their learning journey. This evidence enables students to self-assess, set learning goals, and monitor their progress. Terry also touches on the importance of purpose in learning, ensuring students understand the “why” behind their tasks. Throughout the interview, Terry underscores the significance of integrating assessments into the learning process, fostering greater student engagement, motivation, and understanding of their growth.

Here are some key takeaways from our interview with Terry Little:

  • “Assessment for learning” integrates evaluation into the learning process, making it active and student-driven.
  • Students produce evidence of their growth, from recordings to scores, fostering self-assessment and goal-setting.
  • Terry emphasizes the importance of purpose in learning, ensuring students grasp the “why” behind tasks.
  • By using integrated assessments, student growth can be highlighted and celebrated over time.

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