Exploring Servant Leadership in Music Education

In episode 54, Kathryn and Theresa talk to Dr. Dylan Maddix, an Assistant Professor of Instrumental Conducting and Community Engagement at Memorial University, as he shares his extensive journey in music education and his insights on the transformative power of servant leadership within this realm. Dylan delves into his experiences with various educators and how they shaped his perspective on leadership and teaching. He discusses the profound impact of servant leadership, a concept formalized by Robert K. Greenleaf in the 1970s, emphasizing its role in fostering meaningful relationships and focusing on the well-being of students. Dylan’s reflections, coupled with his research involving interviews with several conductors and educators, underscore the importance of leading with love and empathy in music education, aiming to create a more positive and holistic learning environment for students.

In this interview, Dylan not only explains servant leadership, but also offers anecdotes and practical suggestions for approaching music education with a mindset towards servant leadership.

Here are some key takeaways from our interview with Dylan Maddix:

  • Dylan shares how servant leadership in music education emphasizes the role in fostering meaningful relationships and student well-being.
  • Formalized by Robert K. Greenleaf, servant leadership focuses on other-centered leadership. You can be helping people and serving people, but also be a leader.
  • Servant leadership in music education prioritizes the holistic development of students, emphasizing their well-being and individual growth over competition and accolades.
  • It’s important to foster long-lasting impacts and relationships with students, ensuring their experiences in music education are enriching and positive.

Connect with Dylan and learn more about his work:

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