Creating Empowered Musicians: Addressing Common Concerns

Episode 69 of the podcast, Theresa and Kathryn address common concerns from music teachers about transitioning to more student-empowered classrooms. The episode focuses on how teachers can relinquish control while effectively meeting educational standards and ensuring administrative approval. The hosts emphasize the importance of incorporating student choices and fostering independence, while ensuring the curriculum aligns with the National Core Arts Standards which advocate for student engagement in music education.

Practical advice is offered on taking small steps towards empowering students, which not only aids in meeting standards but also enhances students’ overall musical and educational experience. The episode serves as an encouragement for music educators to embrace student-centered teaching methods while maintaining high educational and performance standards.

It’s allowing students to have some more say in what's going on and to take control of what they hear and what they see. That's what we want for them, right? We don't want them to need Mrs. Finch. We want them to be able to do it themselves.

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Here are some key takeaways from Episode 69:

  • Empower students gradually by stepping back as a guide, fostering independence and confidence.
  • National Core Arts Standards support student-led learning, ensuring that empowerment aligns with educational objectives.
  • Proactively engage with administrators to highlight the structured, dynamic learning environments of empowered classrooms.
  • Enhance performance quality through student involvement, leading to more meaningful and engaging musical presentations.
If you think about giving up control, you're giving up control little by little to help students build the skills needed. But when you invest that time in the beginning, that's when it pays off.

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→ Download the Commons Concerns Guide for ideas on how to address the concerns and learn more! 

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