As 2021 comes to an end, we’ve been looking back at some of the great things that happened for Pass the Baton this year. In December, we celebrated #12DaystoPasstheBaton! Each day, we shared one of our favorite interviews or resources for student empowerment in music. Just as empowered music students should reflect regularly, so should music educators! Counting down the twelve days was a great way for us to reflect on the impact Pass the Baton is having on music educators, and music students, everywhere.

In case you missed #12DaystoPasstheBaton, here’s a recap:

Day 1: Happy Birthday!

First, we celebrated the birthday of Pass the Baton co-author, Kathryn Finch! Check out a preview of the book here, and purchase a copy for yourself.

🔗 Pass the Baton: Empowering All Music Students

Day 2: A Snowball Fight

Use this template for a fun activity to encourage creativity in your music students. 

🔗 Snowball Fight Template

Day 3: A Charity Concert

Check out this interview with Allison Rakickas to hear how her band students planned & performed a charity concert! 

🔗 Creating a Student-Run Charity Concert

Day 4: The Dynamic Menu

Use this Hyperdoc template to provide student choice. It’s great for a substitute or asynchronous learning day!

🔗 Dynamics Menu Template

Day 5: Creativity in Ensembles

Check out this interview with orchestra director, Marissa Guarriello, for tips to incorporate creativity and improvisation in ensemble rehearsals!

🔗 Creativity & Improvisation in Ensembles (Part 1)

Day 6: Book Study Resources

Here are some resources to use as you read Pass the Baton – they’re great for guided reading, discussions, and more! 

🔗 Book Study Resources

Day 7: Exit Ticket for Self-Reflection

When students reflect on their work, they begin to take ownership of their learning. Use this template to try it! 

🔗 Exit Ticket for Self-Reflection

Day 8: A Student-Centered Choral Program

Check out this awesome interview with Brian Ackles and learn about his student-centered approach to high school choir!

🔗 Creating a Student-Centered Choral Program

Day 9: Student Jobs – Badge Template

Adding student jobs is an easy way for them to take ownership in any music classroom. Give it a try now! 

🔗 Student Jobs – Badge Template

Day 10: Student-Selected Repertoire

Check out Laura Johnson’s six-step process for involving students in the repertoire-selection process.

🔗 Incorporating Student-Selected Repertoire in Ensembles

Day 11: Student-Led Score Study

Use this template for a student-led score study to give students ownership when learning and exploring new repertoire.

🔗 Student-Led Score Study

Day 12: Crafting Student-Centered Lessons

Here’s an interview with Jesse Rathgeber where he provides some great lesson planning ideas for 2022! 

🔗 Crafting Student-Centered Lessons

Thanks for your support throughout 2021! We look forward to providing even more resources to empower music students in 2022!

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